Lecturer on Robotics and Biomechanics

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca


My name is Tassos Natsakis and I am lecturer and post-doctoral researcher at the ROCON lab of Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. My background is in Mechanical engineering and I have done extensive research on the biomechanics of human locomotion. More specifically I studied the behaviour of the human foot in-vitro, with the goal to understand and improve surgical procedures and medical implants. I am currently researching in the intersection of the rehabilitation and robotic fields, leading a research project for the development of a robotic rehabilitator.

Besides research, I am very interested in teaching methods, knowledge management and productivity, in an attempt to make my research more efficient, pleasant and easier to explain to others.


  • Biomechanics
  • Robotics
  • Teaching methods
  • Knowledge management
  • Productivity


  • PhD in Biomedical Engineering, 2015

    KU Leuven, Belgium

  • MEng in Mechanical Engineering, 2010

    Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece


Augmented Ligament Reconstruction Partially Restores Hindfoot and Midfoot Kinematics After Lateral Ligament Ruptures

Background: Altered kinematics and persisting ankle instability have been associated with degenerative changes and osteo-chondral …

Foot-ankle simulators: A tool to advance biomechanical understanding of a complex anatomical structure

In vitro gait simulations have been available to researchers for more than two decades and have become an invaluable tool for …

Insertion of a pressure sensing array minimally affects hindfoot bone kinematics

Understanding the development of ankle osteoarthritis (OA) is of high importance and interest; however its causality is poorly …

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For those that know me a bit, they know that I really like playing chess. I got infected by the virus at a very young age, learning to play the game from my father since I remember my self and joining local chess clubs with my brother. I never really became good at it, having won only one local tournament by the age of 18 (and this happened cause I had no other participants in my age group and competed with lower ages :P).

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A two year long research project funded by UEFISCDI.

Research in Cluj

A meetup group for researchers from any field that are active in Cluj-Napoca.

Gait simulator

The gait simulator was the main experimental equipment that I developed during my PhD.

Alumni Business Camp

Alumni Business Camp is a yearly event that gathers Alumni of BEST to talk about… Business!


I was a volunteer at BEST (Board of European Students of Technology), for 5 years, being active in all levels of involvement

Hero Paides

Involved in the publishers team of an award winning high school newspaper


I am responsible for the following courses at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca:

Courses (Bachelor level)

Starting from the second semester of 2020-2021, I am also teaching at the Babeș-Bolyai University, as the department of Physics as an external collaborator

Courses (Masters level)

If you are interested in a project, please read the thesis manifesto and check the list of student project ideas


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