Upgrading the robotics laboratory

Update: added some nice pictures from the lab and the robots There is a small paradox at our department: we are teaching robotics to students, but we used to not have any robots around for them to play with. We actually did have one, that is very very dangerous to use close to people, so I slowly slowly phased it out of use. But I had to find an alternative: a small, versatile, cheap, robot arm, that we could buy multiples of it and have one for each table of the laboratory.

Wooden Robot Model

For quite some time now, I wanted to create a robot model to use it in the classroom. I started imagining it as a 3D printed model, then thought of making it out of styrofoam, converted the idea to carton, but was always stopped by the lack of materials around. Also, the fact that we’ve been teaching online for the past year and a half was not helping. Last week, I thought of wood.

Less Wrong Gems 2021

I don’t remember when did it exactly happen, but at some point I landed on a elegant looking community blog that is called Less Wrong. They advertise themselves as “[…] a community dedicated to improving our reasoning and decision-making” and the name is derived by the realisation that in order to learn, we must constantly err, but each time less and less. It is basically a blog where anyone can post essays or ideas on the topic of rationality and real-world applications of it.


Details about a new research project that we are starting


As you might have noticed, I have been a bit silent for more than a year now. In case you were wondering, I am fine, just that life became quite busy this last year. I will try to update this blog with the most important news since last year not necessarily in the order that they happened. One of the things that kept me mostly busy this period was the BETER REHAB project.

Thesis Manifesto

What is a thesis? A thesis is a project that you are expected to start, develop and conclude in order to graduate the university. The topic belongs to you and can be one of your passions or an idea you want to try. You might also have no idea what you want do. That would not make you neither the first, nor the last. Try though to make at least a list of likes and dislikes in terms of subjects.

No Chess Month

For those that know me a bit, they know that I really like playing chess. I got infected by the virus at a very young age, learning to play the game from my father since I remember my self and joining local chess clubs with my brother. I never really became good at it, having won only one local tournament by the age of 18 (and this happened cause I had no other participants in my age group and competed with lower ages :P).

Standard Ebooks

For those of you that follow this blog for many years, you might remember an old post about buying an ebook reader. That was back in 2012, and a lot of things have changed since then. However, my appreciation for that little device is not among the things that did change, and I am still a proud owner of an ebook reader. Even though my originally device was stolen, I did buy a second one, and currently is one of my most beloved pieces of technology (much more beloved than my smartphone).

Podcast Galore

Even though I am usually not fond of information transmitted over the audio, for some reason I was fascinated by the idea of podcasts ever since I first heard of it. But somehow, I never find the time to listen to the podcasts that I seem to care about, so the unread episodes just keep on pilling and pilling. This week, I decided to dedicate it to podcasts and listen to everything that was on my list.

Giving back to Open Source for 2018

Even before I fully switched to a Linux machine, some 10 years ago, I was still a passionate user of open source software. Although usually buggy and less feature rich back then, it somehow appealed to me to be able to use the work of others for free (and legally!). Fast-forward 10 years to the future and now I am relying on open source software for the vast majority of my work and entertainment.