Robotic Systems Control

This pages gathers all the relevant information for the Robotic Systems Control course and laboratory, taught at UTCluj on the winter semster of the academic year 2019-2020.


You can download the presentations for each lecture here (soon to be completed):

Some lectures contain animations. These might work on Windows if you are using Acrobat Reader. But if you want them to work for sure, you should switch to Linux and use pdfpc

You can find recordings of the lectures in this Youtube playlist. Please allow a couple of days before a new lecture comes online.


You can download the guide for the laboratories here:

Working with your own laptop

If you want to work with your own laptop, you should install the robotics toolbox for MATLAB by prof. Peter Corke. At the laboratories, we’ll be using the 9.10 version.

For the embedded programming part, we strongly recommend to use the computers in the laboratory.


Here is a list of useful resources to expand your knowledge on robotics and not only:


You can consult the online list for your laboratory presence. Please check your presence often enough to avoid problems with missing presence.


Your final grade will be calculated based on your performance to a practical test and the course exam. The test will focus on the practical exercises that we’ll be doing at the lab, while the exam will be related to the theory taught during the course. The maximum grade for both will be 10. The exam will contribute by 70% to the final grade, while the test will contribute by 30%. To pass the course your final grade has to be equal or greater than 5.

Extra-ordinary examination session

During the examination session of June 2020, you will have the chance to re-take the exam in case you have failed it. In order to participate at the exam, you must be present at the examination chatroom on Friday 12th of June at 13:00am EEST. Unfortunately, this chatroom currently only works on Chrome/Chromium.

We will perform the examination using the platform, and you will be required to keep your video camera and microphone on during the examination. You will not be able to use any digital material besides the lecture slides during the examination. The lecture slides will be accessible through the examination system and you won’t be able to browse away from the examniation system. The time for the completion of the exam will be 3 hours. The remaining details will be provided at the examination channel during the examination.

Lecturer on Robotics and Biomechanics