Giving back to Open Source for 2018

Even before I fully switched to a Linux machine, some 10 years ago, I was still a passionate user of open source software. Although usually buggy and less feature rich back then, it somehow appealed to me to be able to use the work of others for free (and legally!). Fast-forward 10 years to the future and now I am relying on open source software for the vast majority of my work and entertainment.

Turning a page at reading

After almost 2 years of internal fight between my love for book and my love for technology, the scale finally turned on the other side and I decided that it's time to turn a page in my reading habits: I bought an ebook reader! I know that some of you might think of me as another book hater, who doesn't appreciate the smell of old paper and the great feeling at the sound of turning pages, but there are good reasons behind such a choice.