Details about a new research project that we are starting



As you might have noticed, I have been a bit silent for more than a year now. In case you were wondering, I am fine, just that life became quite busy this last year. I will try to update this blog with the most important news since last year not necessarily in the order that they happened. One of the things that kept me mostly busy this period was the BETER REHAB project.

Augmented Ligament Reconstruction Partially Restores Hindfoot and Midfoot Kinematics After Lateral Ligament Ruptures

__Background__: Altered kinematics and persisting ankle instability have been associated with degenerative changes and osteo-chondral lesions. Purpose: To study the effect of ligament reconstruction surgery with suture tape augmentation (isolated …

Research and Entrepreneurship

Deciding to become an academic, was neither an easy nor a fast decision. I remember I was going around a lot until I decided to start a PhD: I basically took a 9 months of retreat in order to decide what do I want to do with my life (while doing my compulsory military service :P). And deciding to stick to academia after I finished my PhD took me even longer… I actually still thinking about it from time to time.

Student Project Ideas

This is a list of ideas for student projects, mainly targeted at Bachelor students. This list represents some ideas I have that align with my research interest and that I believe are feasible for completing in 2 semesters. However, this list is not exhaustive and it can be a starting point for discussion of other projects. If you have any idea that you think might be appealing for me, please don’t hestitate to contact me so that we discuss it.


A two year long research project funded by UEFISCDI.


Once I heard the news about the research grant that I obtained, the first thing that I really wanted to do was to create a website for the project. This way I can communicate the purpose and results of the project to the broad audience and try to make research open and more inclusive. Today I can finally say that I have the first version of the website ready! You can visit it here.


About a year ago (to be more precise, a year and 3 months ago), I applied for a grant at the UEFISCDI research agency. The initial plan was to have the results by May 2017 and start working on the projects sometime during the summer. Long story short, we had quite some delays, receiving news about the ranking only a few weeks ago. Last week, we got the final answer, and the news were good: The government had allocated the budget for the projects for this year and our proposal was among the funded ones!

Research in Cluj

A meetup group for researchers from any field that are active in Cluj-Napoca.