No Chess Month

For those that know me a bit, they know that I really like playing chess. I got infected by the virus at a very young age, learning to play the game from my father since I remember my self and joining local chess clubs with my brother. I never really became good at it, having won only one local tournament by the age of 18 (and this happened cause I had no other participants in my age group and competed with lower ages :P).

April 2018

Wow, it seems like I skipped one month (March), but that’s no excuse for why stopping the series all together. So, what did I learn last month? Here’s a list on the top of my head: I learned how difficult it is to drive from Thessaloniki to Cluj-Napoca in one day I started learning how to use i3wm (strongly strongly recommend it!!) I learned how to debug sidekiq jobs in rails applications I learned the modern way of formulating the laws of motion (by the Theoretical minimum series) I continued learning about the History of Western philosophy I learned how to open a jammed door!

February 2018

Time for another installment on the series of ‘What did I learn last month’! Here’s what comes in my head right now: I learned even better how to interact with the bureaucratic system. I figured out there are wonderful people serving in some of these bureaucratic positions I learned about ‘rspec bisect’, which lets you find if a failing spec appears due to specific order of execution I learned there is interest for ‘Research in Cluj’ I learned about Deep Learning I learned how to inspect a used car for accidents And probably much much more :)

January 2018

About two years ago, I started trying an experiment, inspired by a post on the blog of a friend: I was writing every month a short blog post with the highlights of my life that month. Even though it started nicely the first month, I eventually felt a bit weird posting all those things on my personal website (I am a small privacy freak in case you don’t know already). So I stopped.