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If you ask me what I like to do most in life, I would straightaway answer two things: Solving problems and explaining things to others. I think these two passions are what led me to academia and eventually a career in research. Doing research is a non-stop problem-solving job. And once you solve your problems you need to explain your ‘complicated’ ideas, sometimes to people with a very different background than yours.


This semester I am going to teach optimisation methods at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. As there are pretty calculation intensive methods that we use for optimisation, we obviously need use a mathematical package. For better or for worse, Universities these days are pretty much tided to proprietary software solutions and more specifically to the infamous MATLAB. So our first task for the semester is to make sure students know how to work with MATLAB.


I’ve been hosting my own website for almost 7 years now, switching from different platforms, themes and content. But since the very beginning, it has been hosted in the namecheap servers. It’s a very nice service and I’m very satisfied with their products and customer service. Since a couple of years ago, namecheap started offering free TLS certificate issuing for all their hosting products, which is pretty awesome. They offer certificates that are valid for the duration of your hosting contract and they make them available from their website after you login.



Gait simulator

The gait simulator was the main experimental equipment that I developed during my PhD.

Alumni Business Camp

Alumni Business Camp is a yearly event that gathers Alumni of BEST to talk about… Business!


I was a volunteer at BEST (Board of European Students of Technology), for 5 years, being active in all levels of involvement

Hero Paides

Involved in the publishers team of an award winning high school newspaper


I am a teaching instructor for the following courses at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca:

  • Robotic systems control
  • Optimisation
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic control equipment