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As the time of the year dictates, I am compiling a list of interesting books I read in the past 12 months. How do I define interesting? I consider books interesting if they somehow gave me either a new perspective or some nice moments of relaxation. I separated the recommendations based on categories, so that it is easier to follow, and wrote a short explanation of why I found each book worth sharing.


I’ve mentioned some things briefly about version control in the reproducible research chapter, as it appeared as one of the four pillars constituting reproducible research. So what is version control? In the broad sense, version control is a way of keeping track of different versions of something. This something can be a process, a design, a document, an analysis or even a part of a software. The means of keeping track of different versions can vary and can be by simply making separate copies of the file for each version or using dedicated software to automate that process.


Meetings are an integral part of academic life. Actually, it’s not only important at the university, but almost everywhere. You either have to work with people, give report to your suppervisors or receive updates from your subordinates. Organising a meeting is the most wide-spread way to do that. Often people will argue about its efficiency and necessity, however let’s assume that you cannot escape having them. What is there to be done besides trying to make them as effective and pleasant as possible?



Alumni Business Camp

Alumni Business Camp is a yearly event that gathers Alumni of BEST to talk about… Business!


I was a volunteer at BEST (Board of European Students of Technology), for 5 years, being active in all levels of involvement

Hero Paides

Involved in the publishers team of an award winning high school newspaper


I am a teaching instructor for the following courses at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca:

  • 30431EN: Robotic systems control