Sisteme Fabricației Integrate

Pagina aceasta conține informații relevante pentru cursul și laboratorul de materia SFI, predat in UTCluj (secția Satu Mare), semestru II anul 2018-2019.


Working with your own laptop

If you want to work with your own laptop, you should install the robotics toolbox for MATLAB by prof. Peter Corke. At the laboratories, we'll be using the 9.10 version.

For the embedded programming part, we strongly recommend to use the computers in the laboratory.


Your final grade will be calculated based on your performance to a practical test and the course exam. The test will focus on the practical exercises that we'll be doing at the lab, while the exam will be related to the theory taught during the course. The maximum grade for both will be 10. The exam will contribute by 70% to the final grade, while the test will contribute by 30%.

Tassos Natsakis
Lecturer on Robotics and Biomechanics